Yoga Doodle Thursday

Each Wednesday night, I grab a beach towel and my boyfriend and merrily trek to the sandy shores of Lake Michigan for yoga class. What a joyous, rejuvenating practice: the sound of the waves, the feel of the sand, the sight of our great lake stretching out before us while you bend, twist, and turn within. I’ve been practicing yoga for five years now (albeit inconsistently), and setting it in an environment such as this brings an entirely new perspective to the movement and meditation. I feel more inspired than ever, ready to take on the multitude of projects and pieces flooding my mind at an alarming rate.

For a bit, I have wanted to post yoga doodles, quick sketches of my favorite poses or those that stood out in the evening's practice. Simple and quick, they’re definitely nothing fancy, but fun for me nonetheless. It can be our new Thursday thing, eh?

To the right is Tree Pose, or vrksasana. Personally, I'm drawn to balance poses in general, but this one is a gem. Keep your hands at heart center or spread them out like limbs on a tree: either way, you'll feel surprisingly grounded and strong. Favorite, favorite, favorite.

In other news, I have decided not to finish my octopus for now and concentrate on the more time-sensitive Anne Boleyn gown. Oh, who knew that was going to happen? {hands raise} With everything cut and ready, I get to start sewing tonight, and the excitement is pounding in my chest.

Also, I read an interesting post this morning on one of my very favorite blogs, Raucous Royals. Have you ever wondered what the connection was between vampires and corn? The wonderful author/illustrator Carlyn Beccia fills us in here.

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