Project 7: Anne Boleyn Gown - Part Four

Anyone want to take a bet on how many parts
this project will have? My estimate is ten. 
The Anne Boleyn gown continues its momentum, with embellishments adorning the neckline. Stitching away in the car only resulted in one major needle wound and subsequent bruise, one that caused a dozen or so inquiries. "My, Shannon! However did you get that bruise?" Oh, well, you see, I really enjoy Tudor history and...
 The matching skirt silk is loosely wrapped around me
for photo purposes, but I was thrilled with how it looked
when I saw the two pieces together.

Up close and personal... 
The front stretch across the bodice alternates royal purple and black Swarovski crystals on gold florets, playing off the purple lining. The pattern of four-pearl clusters is based off of Jane Seymour's Holbein portrait.
Seeing Red: Henry VIII's third wife, Jane Seymour,
sports an excellent example of 16th century dress. 
Of course, it is interesting to note that her bedazzled neckline is actually the peek-a-boo kirtle and not her gown, but we're fibbing just a bit with our historical accuracy. This may lead you to notice that I took out the white ribbon across the front of the neckline, my version of a mock-kirtle. It simply wasn't right. I'll have to try something else.

Another change in The Plan is opting out of using gold ribbon around the neckline. I decided that one) my florets were too lovely to blend in with a golden background, and two) it seemed to keep more with the period style without. I'll still be able to use the ribbon as part of the French hood.
Sound the trumpet {sleeves}!
One little detail that tickles me is the trio of florets holding the trumpet sleeves folded in place. I believe there may be a few more future appearances. The gold florets were actually purchased as part of a chain, jump rings linking each together. They were indeed the perfect setting for the crystals.

Stay tuned for Part Five: pleating, ruffling, and attaching the skirt.


  1. Brilliant work Shannon, Good to have you back on the Blog.

  2. Why thank you, mystery commenter.