Project 7: Anne Boleyn Gown - Part One

The wheels are in motion though we're not at full speed quite yet. I have begun collecting the materials for my Tudor-period gown, and they are growing into the most beautiful pile of cloth in the corner of my apartment. This is where they shall sit until I finish my octopus painting (project number eight), sighing heavily and flashing streaks of brilliant gold trim and black silk my way. It. Is. Torture. Alas, I need that motivation to complete said painting, without which the half-finished canvas may possibly sit tucked behind my easel for years. It wouldn't be the first abandoned painting.

I am surprised the fabric store people don't know me by name at this point, but with numerous trips still planned, there's time. "Here comes Shannon," they will say when they spot me with my scribbled list in tow. "Whatever is she looking for today?" They will then proceed to watch me pace the store, grabbing bolts of fabric, putting them back, pulling out swatches, running to notions, trying to estimate the length left of a divine piece of cloth, pouting when there's not enough, and staring blankly in a fabric-induced trance.

Going to the fabric store is much like going to the library or book store. Rows of bolts lean together like volumes on a shelf, each one calling out to be touched, opened, enjoyed. I get lost. I'll enter with a clear image of a project, only to be side swept into possibilities a, b, and c, into projects nine, ten, and eleven. Oh, I shiver just thinking about it.

Without further ado, I present to you The Plan. Each of the below fabrics are in my possession with the exception of the bottom gold brocade (photo taken with my phone in fluorescent light, eck).

From top to bottom:
  • A delicate black and gold weave will create the flowing trumpet sleeves and french hood. I'm considering sewing pearl details on, but that would be a project unto itself. I do have to occupy myself during an upcoming nine hour drive in August though. We shall see.
  • One inch gold ribbon will trim the neckline, paired with pearls and other trims to be determined.
  • Black dupioni silk will make up the body of the gown...
  • ...Lined with deep cranberry, a nod to royal purple (it's bluer in hue than pictured).
  • Gold brocade will be used for the kirtle and foresleeves. I have it picked out, but will probably not start working on these pieces until September.
I must take a moment to thank Jameson for her utmost patience with my numerous fabric store phone calls. Thank you for answering and listening to my incoherent babbling. Best friend gold stars for you!


    1. I like to listen to your incoherent Babbling!!!!

    2. I love getting gold stars! You listen to my babbling all the time, it's the least I could do. :)

    3. Carmen, where is the world is... Jameson Thomas? I surely hope you're ready to share the nine hour car ride with me and the Anne Boleyn gown. I may have to sit in the back seat. Then you can be my chauffeur.

    4. I make a great chauffeur. Afterall, my name is Jameson. Or is that more of a butler's name? Now that I think about it, you may not be able to sit in the back seat, depending on how much stuff we have. I doubt both of our suitcases will fit in the hatchback. We may have to fold down the seats. Or, we could always strap you to the roof of the car? :)