Project 6: Riverfest Banner

This year, projects have been predominantly beading-based, which is unusual for me, so it was nice to spend some time with my sewing machine creating a banner for the annual gathering on the Rio Pine: Riverfest. Bright colors, flowing fabrics, and hints of fun stitching made it the perfect backdrop for this year's festival.

The banner is monstrous in size with two and a half feet tall letters stretching from one end of my living room all the way in to the kitchen. It was a successful lesson in reuse as well; old curtains, table clothes, and scraps from previous projects became something new and wonderful. You must love it when that happens.

Now, a few weekend highlights:
Jameson and I created a whimsical clam cake to commemorate
the Biggest Clam Contest, complete with graham cracker sand
and chocolate Goldfish crackers. Doesn't it look like a muppet?

Patchwork, a West Michigan based bluegrass band,
provided a musical backdrop for plenty of dancing.

My 88 year old grandma looks serene while
enjoying the music with a tall glass of beer.

Warming up for the hula hooping contest. After 42
grueling minutes, I was crowned champion. Yes!

A classic Schwinn collection took 20 riders
on the always popular, ten mile midnight bike ride.

A devastatingly handsome rider crosses the
artfully lit Tridge. Mike, previously referred on
to on Rosewood Buttons as "the boyfriend,"
was also the weekend's bocce ball champion.

The Tridge at midnight.

Yes, another Riverfest has come to an end, and a content exhaustion has settled in. A special hello to all the family and friends that are Rosewood Buttons readers.  I had no idea! Please drop a comment from time to time.

Happy Riverfest!

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  1. The First EstateJuly 27, 2010 at 5:23 PM

    Happy Riverfest indeed! Now let the lasy summer roll by until Wheatland makes us Happy again!