Playing Catch Up

I took yesterday afternoon off from work, namely to spend it sitting at the tire store for three hours while they searched for the proper replacement for my flat. I did, however, get what seemed like a bonus hour of afternoon time which I lent to beginning Tudors Season Four marathon. The final season, which came out on DVD Tuesday and is essentially the reason I got a flat tire as I cut the curb too tightly in my excitement to enter the Best Buy parking lot, has been outstanding thus far. Season Three, with the absence of my favorite queen, Anne Boleyn (I'm sure you all guessed that one), seemed sparse, boring, and too full of blood and guts. Do I watch for the blood and guts? No, though I have enjoyed the war bits thus far this season. It certainly has kept me captivated.

How far did I get in the first sitting, you ask? Oh, just through episode nine.

Yes, I watched nine episodes in one night. Sweet biscuits, what is wrong with me? That leaves the finale for me to enjoy tonight, with its much talked about revisits from wives one through three. So excited.

At least I can say that I finished my underskirt while watching. See, I was still productive.

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