Fabric Store Discord

It's nearly time to start the french hood for the A.B. gown, and this meant a trip to my local fabric store for some trim at lunch today, an act I always delight in. I found my way to the notions and selected two: one a gold braid, the other a thin gold piping. Well, much to my joy, the latter was on sale for a whopping twenty cents a yard. Are you kidding me? Twenty cents? Sweet Jesus! I upped my yardage from three to five at the last minute. Hey, hey big spenda'!

This is where things get iffy. Apparently, somebody at the store made a mistake because that particular cord was discontinued and should have been thrown away. Yes, I'll repeat. Thrown. Away. The entire, FULL spool of trim should have gone to the trash, and now she didn't know how to ring me up.

I would have blamed it all on shotty hearing had I not just had a conversation with my aunt on Sunday where she recalled the tales of her employment at a fabric store that went out of business. What did they do with all those glorious things? All the patterns? Legally, they had to throw them in the dumpster. That's not to say employees didn't leave work only to return and do some dumpster diving, but still.

In whose mind is it okay to just discard perfectly good, beautiful items? Who made this policy? Is there somebody out there in the textile/sewing business that would care to explain this to me because I'm fairly disgusted right now. This is what is wrong with the world. It's wasteful. It's gross.

I should have bought the whole damn spool.

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