Being terribly neglectful and a most unsuccessful blogger, I've been thinking about this little slice of Internet I have carved out for myself. The problem, I have determined, is that of too many interests, hobbies, and ideas floating around. It's very easy to get lost in one thing or another, and I tend to flit about with much randomness from one item of whimsy to the next. I blame being a Gemini.

Originally, Marquess of Pembroke was created as a Tudor outlet, but far more than sixteenth century mysteries and romance percolate inside my brain. Thus, I shall be expanding my blog to be a place of amphigoric musing on whatever suits my fancy, which will no doubt visit Anne and her counterparts. I tried to snatch the name Amphigory, but it was taken already, so we'll go with Marquess... until something else pops into my head. Maybe I should just keep it? We'll see.

With the subject settled, only two things standing in the way of frequent blogging: work and access to Internet. I've had monument-sized projects that began shortly after my last post and have continued to this very day. After countless late nights and an unhealthy amount of espresso, they are finished. {And everyone cheers!} The Internet thing is still in the works. I just may be the only person who doesn't have the 'net at home. I'll catch up eventually.

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