Summertime Blogging

The lack of posts so early on has left my blog-conscious heavy. Perhaps it's warm weather and summertime social calendars that disallow frequent posts. While I did spend the weekend at the beach, Marquess of Pembroke was on my mind. (I pray for the days to return when pale was beautiful for the sake of those that go from lobster back to translucent. I had to take a mid-day aloe break to relieve my poor skin.) The delay is not so much clear skies and rhythmic waves, but a clouded vision of what to do next, the organization of my Tudor thoughts.

In my premier post, I mentioned creating a time line on a roll of butcher paper, and I was only semi-facetious; I do have the paper sitting in the garage, just waiting for a project. Chronological organization could be the most useful format for anyone that happens by, and I'm 90 percent certain this is the path that I'll loosely base things on. I'm one chapter away from finishing The Children of Henry VIII. (I must say, the title drives me crazy. Lady Jane Grey is included, as she should be, but wouldn't one call it The Heirs of Henry VIII? Elizabeth isn't even covered past the death of Mary.) Once it's completed, I will resist the urge to continue on with Elizabeth's story and go back to the beginning to bring about the fruition of my time line desires.

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