Coronation Day

Like many, when Tudor-mania exploded on the scene from one side of the pond to another, I was instantaneously hooked. The intrigue! The drama! The rumors! From movies and television to endless pages in books, web searches, and Henry VIII documentaries on youtube, I've spent an ungodly number of hours trying to figure it all out. It began, of course, with the enigmatic Anne Boleyn (doesn't it always?), continued to all six highly-individualized wives, and now the unlucky heirs. I recently found myself at a party curiously eyeing a professor-friend's bookshelf that contained several volumes on the Reformation. Social skills be damned!

After bearing the polite smiles of those I hold dear while enthusiastically delving into a Tudor rant of one sort or another, I've decided to take my questions, inquiries, and learning to the web. I'm a novice, wanna-be historian at most, but there must be those out there on the same curious path. If you have ever downloaded an English royal family tree and proceeded to color-code the generations with your ten pack of highlighters or harbored a deep seated desire to spread butcher paper across your living floor to make your personal timeline of Henry's reign, then I am so glad to have met you.

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